Typearound is back.

Typearound is back as a tribute to two great font designers - Stephen Deken and Isabelle Trolio aka Solar Sister.

They have created dozens of free to use fonts (as long as you keep in line with the Copyright rules they have set up.)

We have collected all the fonts that we could find on the web so you can enjoy them and use them for your projecs and you can download and preview the fonts here.

And below is the story of Typearound as Stephen wrote it back then.

thing font preview finals font preview

About Typearound

This is the fourth incarnation of Typearound, right after a poorly executed (but still kinda neat) bubbly retro design. Not that you really cared about the previous design, but you obviously care about something related to the site or you wouldn't even be here! Geez.

Typearound started in July of 1998 as a cheap scam to get webspace. (Go figure.) As things progressed, though, I found I enjoyed the idea of running a font website. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I quickly justified the expense of the purchase of the domain name, in March 1999.

Somewhere in there I played around with making Typearound into a webzine, which had the unfortunate byproduct of irritating me. So I stopped.

After the e-zine era, I gave it a neat chrome convertible look, which actually lasted a while, and then the crappy soda-pop retro rainbow look that most of you probably witnessed (I'm sorry), and now this, which I feel is worlds better (and frameless, finally).

I know I'm talking in circles but it's warm in here, so shaddup. If you're not wondering about Typearound, then you must be wondering about the people behind Typearound. Well, then the next section might server to answer your questions:

lipstick font preview infidelity font preview

The People Behind Typearound

There are two people behind Typearound. (You must have really not been paying attention if you missed that. Geez.) Stephen Deken made some of the fonts, designed the site, made the graphics, and wrote almost all of the copy. Isabelle Trolio made the rest of the fonts, bought nachos, and cleaned up some of the mess.

Uh, that's about it. I reserve the right to change this copy around before this goes public. And I reserve the right to ignore that right.